Mindful Managers provides 'open and innovative practices in a digital era ' by developing an innovative course in wellbeing aimed at Public Sector Managers so that they are able to develop habits for mental wellbeing at work and also develop healthy mindfulness habits in employees and teams of workers.

In the frames of the project, the project partners kicked off the beginning of the 3-year work in Sheffield, UK. During the meeting partners discussed the project goals and organised the various steps that will be followed. As a first step, partners will organise introductory seminars in their countries, where they will collect data from stakeholders and members of the target group in order to plan the content development, as well as the development of the overall training toolkit and digital game.

This project will be embedded in the 'digital era' as we will develop an App and an e-learning game which will facilitate wellbeing habits of Managers by encouraging and reminding them to practice the core habits of the 5 ways to wellbeing (including mindfulness, building work relationships, being active at work, lifelong learning and 'giving' to others at work) throughout their working day.

Stay tuned for updates from the Mindful Managers Consortium.